Green is the color of the grass. Green is the color of the forest canopy. The springtime emergence of greenery is the sign of resurrection from the dead of winter. Green represents food and sustenance for God's human and animal children.

When God created the heavens and the Earth, green was selected from God's palette of many colors to bring calmness and serenity to His people so that they could better feel His spirit as it is found throughout the magnificent works of Creation.

Green is also the color of money, and instead of respecting God and Creation, humans have turned away and began to worship the green of money to the detriment of the natural green of Planet Eden. The pursuit of money has resulted in the destruction of many of God's beautiful forests, the paving over of vast areas of God's green grass and the destruction of the peace and serenity which accompanies nature's loveliness.

Please help us redirect the greedy desires of God's children away from the worship of the green of hundred dollar bills and toward stewardship of the green in God's Creation.

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